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Ferdowskids was founded in 2014 by Reyhane Sheikh. The foundation of Ferdowskids was built upon providing service to Farsi speaking parents who wanted for their children to become familiar with their heritage language and culture.

During the pandemic of 2019 Ferdowskids got the chance to spread its wings and provide service to people not only in Toronto, Canada but from around the world. Since then we have been running online virtual classes for children aged 4 to 12 years. Designing curriculums for online classes gave us a chance to once again think about producing quality education content for parents and educators to teach and learn to and with their children and students. What we really wanted to do was to support anyone, anywhere, in any time zone and with any schedule to teach Farsi language to their children or students. And that was when Ferdowskids’ online resource centre came to life.


At Ferdowskids we are all about introducing Farsi language to children in a fun and interactive way.


In the design of this platform, our team has followed a holistic approach. We see every child as a whole; we address all their needs holistically- from cognitive to physical, sensory, ethical, decision making and so on. Learning happens through complex processes that involve the use of multiple skills and senses and this is what we took into consideration during the design process of our materials. We believe in enabling the environment and creating a space where instead of direct instructions, children are given opportunities to become curious, get exposed, ask questions and have the agency to choose their own path of learning based on their own pace.

We picked the themes and vocabulary of the educational material based on

language word frequencies
subjects related to Persian culture
and children's

Who are "Ferdowkids" anyways?!


We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to share our knowledge of early childhood education, language learning, music and teaching skills with our community.

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